• Fast, efficient, and easy drug administration
    under the upper lip


NorInvent’s technology creates possibilities for oral mucosal drug administration.

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Several advantages are achieved by releasing the drug directly to the bloodstream via the oral mucosa and avoiding passage through the gastrointestinal tract.

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The technology could revolutionize the pharmaceutical market, creating new possibilities for product development of pre-existing drugs.

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Existing pharmaceuticals in a new way

NorInvent's drug delivery platform brings a revolutionizing new method for the administration of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals that traditionally have been given as injections or tablets could be delivered via the mouth mucosa instead. By facilitating the uptake of drugs in the oral cavity, existing medicines can have new and enhanced properties. For example, the technology could enable lower dosage, provide effect or onset in 5-10 minutes, reduce the load on internal organs, and have environmental benefits.